The Great Blogging for Money Experiment

The Great Blogging for Money Experiment

Stop me if this sounds familiar.

You’re on Pinterest and you see all those shiny pins full of promises and dreams of making 6-7 figures from your blog, and you start imagining a life that is stress-free from debt, working the 9-5 grind, you’ll be able to go on vacation and buy whatever food you want, even if it’s not on the list and you don’t have a coupon for it.

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So you buy a domain (I buy mine through Namecheap) and get on a hosting plan (Bluehost is the most popular) choose a free template (because you don’t want to spend money before you’re making any) and start typing away.

You sign up to a dozen or more “tips for bloggers by bloggers who are making the big bucks” and before you know it you’re suffering from adult ADHD, your relevant emails get buried in your inbox and you have a million unread messages (ok not a million but 12,675 to date).

I know this because I am you.

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By now you’ve concluded that:

1. This whole blogging thing doesn’t just make money overnight (easy money it is not).

2. You have to put in A LOT of work into it.

And I’m not just talking about the house you spend writing your content and making pretty Pinterest covers (if you haven’t yet heard of Canva then you’re in for a whole lot of hours of fun designing graphics for when you’re not feeling inspired to write), I mean the hours you’ll need to study, learn, absorb and retain the vast amount of knowledge that is out there.

Which brings me to this point. I don’t have time.

My husband is a heartbeat away from having a mental breakdown after being the sole earner for the last 5 years while I work on “my career” as an interior designer.

A career that is 90% marketing and 10% actually designing, and since I’m not a natural-born marketer, throw in a baby for two of those last 5 years, you get a sleep-deprived struggling artist (or designer I guess).

So now what?

So now I decided that no matter what I am going to make this work, I just have to.

Since I don’t have the luxury of time, I’m going to have to take shortcuts.

In my next post, I’ll be discussing my blogging for money strategy and why it’s so important to have one so stay tuned.

If you’d like to see how this experiment turns out you’re welcome to join me, either literally (you can follow my steps and we can build our blogs and amass our fortunes together), or just in spirit.

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