If you’re anything like me, mother of 3 + dog + husband, then you know that the day-to-day can be rough.

My plate is filled to the max with juggling sleepless night babies, small kid problems, big kid problems, homework (who knew that retaking the 5th grade was going to be such torture), toys (please stop the madness), do kids really need to eat every day? When is that laundry lady going to show up? Delightful dog fart smell cos he’s constipated again, plus trying to figure out when the heck am I supposed to work on my business, how bad is it to cancel my meeting cos my kid is sick again? How can I make money with all this madness so I can feel validated by society and feel like I’m human and not just a zombie slave?

Which is why I started this blog, mostly because I am hoping that I am not alone but also to help other moms find ways to deal with all the stresses and find ways of making income while having no time.